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‘Believe’ recap and review: ‘Pilot’ happy father’s day

Believe Pilot
Believe Pilot
Spoiler TV

NBC Believe


Air date March 10

You are the baby’s father! More on that later.

Unlike another freshman supernatural series on another network, the child, a girl named Bo, in this show is very much alive and wanted by some very bad people who would like to contain and control her. Bo is riding along with her foster parents when suddenly they get pushed off the road by a determined female driver. Since the parents’ deaths did not happen instantly, the female driver coaches it along with a snap to their necks.

She picks up Bo, prepared to take her God knows where when a witness, cop and paramedics arrive on the scene telling her to put the child down. Well, this sucks for the lady.

We shift over to a priest (Delroy Lindo). Anyway, he’s dressed as a priest and his mission is to help a wrongly convicted death row inmate by the name of Tate to escape. Unbeknownst to him, Tate’s mission is to care for Bo – this golden child with all of these special abilities.

The “priest” is a really one of the good guys and his name is Milton Winter. Winter and his team sneak Tate out of prison and into the hospital where Bo is being observed and treated. The woman who killed her foster parents is there also.

Tate and the woman engage in fisticuffs. It looks like she is winning so that little stinker Bo injects GI Jane with something which renders her groggy and ineffective until the woman finds a needle of her own and injects herself with presumably a shot of adrenaline.

Tate and Bo do escape her deadly clutches by boarding a city bus but then Tate loses Bo after she slips off the bus to find a computer. Soon afterwards, Tate finds Bo and Winter and his team find them. Soon after that, Winter informs Tate that he will be Bo’s new foster daddy. Tate is shocked and feels put upon by this bit of news. Winter ask him what did he feel when he first met Bo. Tate said he felt nothing. In fact, he doesn’t even like kids. Oh he felt something all right. Why else did he tear up when he met Bo. Nevertheless, this presents a challenge. However, a satchel full of cash thrown Tate’s way can be viewed as an act of encouragement.

Sadly, GI Jane finds them at their hide-out. The woman is relentless. She and Tate fight again. GI Jane is winning…again. Bo intervenes again, not with a hypodermic syringe this time but with a scream. A scream so loud and commanding until it summons an army of pigeons to the loft to swarm around GI Jane blocking her movements and view and allowing the others to run. You almost swear it’s a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds.’ The mean lady (GI Jane) works for a former partner of Winter’s (Kyle MacLachlan of ‘Twin Peaks’ fame) who has gone to the dark side. Once the gang is out, the birds leave too.

Bo helps the young doctor who helped her in the hospital by restoring his faith and by proving she can see into the future.

Oh, and Tate…he is no run of the mill criminal who was carelessly handpicked for the job. He is actually Bo’s father!

Now, if Bo is aware of this little factoid, she ain’t saying. She does show that she cares for him though. It would be hard for us to ‘believe’ a know-it-all such as her can know everything else but not this.

Check your local listing for air time for NBC’s ‘Believe’ starring newcomer Johnny Sequoyah, Jake McLaughlin, Delroy Linda and Kyle MacLachlan.

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