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'Being Mary Jane' WIll Return For Season Two!

Being Mary Jane BET Original


With the season finale of "Being Mary Jane" airing last night fans have weighed in and the people want more!

Will Return for Season Two
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Great shows get cancelled all the time. It happens. "Being Mary Jane" debuted its first season finale last night in a two hour special and gave all viewers the closure they had been looking for every Tuesday night. After watching the finale, a local Mary Jane fan from Miami asked "Do you think there is going to be a season two? I really need for there to be a season two!" To answer that question, YES! There will be a season two. It has been made official by BET according to sources and the producer Mara Brock Akil. So rest assured the show will go on! The return date is tentative however many are looking forward to seeing Gabrielle Union on the big screen again to provide soother segment of the dramatic search for her Mr. Right.

With a Facebook fan page with over eight hundred and fifty thousand likes, drawing four million viewers in July 2013, and having producer Mara Broke Akil who produced BET's best show so far called "The Game", BET would be mistaken to not renew this hit television series. Even Union's fiancé, Dwayne Wade, took to his personal Instagram page to show support for her great achievement and acting skills.

"Why is this show so successful?", asks Miami native Sarah who was glued to the television on campus at a local university. Well some may say because Mary Jane's character is relatable. A young successful woman who seemingly has everything she wants, except true love. A modern day fairy tell for hopeless romantics, Union's character is pretty, intelligent and a hopeless romantic. Viewers are hoping she finds love while they are enjoying the turmoils and havoc along the way.

What are your reasons for watching? How do you feel about season one and the upcoming season two? Leave comments below and subscribe above!