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Begin Again, reviewed

Begin Again
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Begin Again. reviewed


Begin Again” is a charming and sometimes witty summer film that portrays a beautiful young song writer with her super star boy friend and a seemingly washed up record producer with a few unexpected twists and turns. “Greta” played by the very lovely Keira Knightley moves to New York City with her pop music super star boyfriend “Dave” played by real life pop super star Adam Levine so they may more fully develop their respective musical skills. However Dave is quickly removed from the scene by means of a huge tour that takes him around the world as it also exposes him to a never ending sea of adoring female fans. Soon Greta serendipitously runs into washed up record producer “Dan” played by Mark Ruffalo. Dan is instantly swept away by Greta’s music and quickly they find a unique way to work together.

It doesn’t take long for the chemistry to grow between Greta and Dan but as down and confused as Dan may be he still loves his wife and teenage daughter. The questioned posed by the film is what will ultimately happen between Greta and Dan? This gets more confusing when rock star Dave returns to New York City filled with love and contrition. The ultimate solution is what holds it all together and explains the title “Begin Again” but I have no intention of writing a spoiler so you might just want to go and watch this entertaining summertime romantic comedy. At worst you will be treated to some captivating images of the always interesting New York City including its world renowned Times Square. You will also be treated to a whole lot of music including a few performances by Adam Levine.

The language is little rough in places earning the film its R rating. But while I am no fan of the all too common gratuitous use of rude and crude language its use in “Begin Again” is very appropriate to the environment. I also saw at least three blatantly bad edits. Okay I admit this is a bit geeky nevertheless I found it a little disturbing in a somewhat major feature film in wide release.

All said it is entertaining and intriguing on several levels. You will enjoy the whole experience even more if you happen to be a fan of popular music. And it all comes together with important changes and more joy than sorrow. It is a fun film.

Copyright 2014 Ron Irwin