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'Begin Again', a song can save your summer

Begin Again


"Begin Again" starring Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo, James Corden and Adam Levine in his acting debut is a just plain fun film to watch this summer, Hartford. See it at the Bow Tie Cinemas before it leaves theaters. The film is a musical drama about Dan Mulligan (Ruffalo) a former record label executive and Gretta (Knightley) a singer songwriter who is in a relationship with the newly famous Dave Kohl (Levine). Dan hears Gretta's song in a NYC bar one night and the two set out to make their own record together while learning a bit about life and love along the way.

What makes "Begin Again" such a fun movie is that the songs are interesting and moving and the characters are relatable. The secondary characters such as Hailee Steinfeld as Dan's teenage daughter (though her as the troubled teen who needs to reconnect with her father is a role she's been regulated to a lot lately) and CeeLo Green as... well basically CeLo Green, are also very good and add depth to the film.

It's a simple story but the musical elements allows it to be fresh and engaging. It's clear it was filmed on location and the various New York City locations that pop up are interesting. Knightley does a surprisingly good job at both singing and acting in something other than a period piece (though keep doing those Keira!). Even Adam Levine's not bad in this film. He believably portrays the perks and pitfalls to instant fame.

Do add this to your watch list for the summer!