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'Beethoven Shreds' review

The album "Beethoven Shreds" from The Great Kat


We gave you our opinion of the “Beethoven's Guitar Shred” DVD released by The Great Kat, but now let's focus on just the music for the CD “Beethoven Shreds” featuring the same music selections.

Photos from The Great Kat's "Beethoven Shreds" CD.
©The Great Kat
The cover photo for the album "Beethoven Shreds"
©The Great Kat
  • “The Flight of the Bubble-Bee” is already a fast-paced piece by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. To increase the speed requires absolute technical skill and passion. You can truly picture swarming bees.
  • Beethoven's "Fifth Symphony” is complicated to master. It's synchronized instruments with impeccable timing. To deconstruct it to solo shredding must have been difficult and she does it beautifully.
  • "Torture Techniques" is a Great Kat original and you hear her scream the lyrics with Domme fervor.
  • Bach's “Bradenburg Concerto #3” gives us a picture of what royal people and the high lords and ladies of his time might have enjoyed for music. The Great Kat converts it to something fit for more modern tastes and time schedules.
  • "Islamofascists" uses simple lyrics with dynamic guitar shreds for a pairing of contrasts.
  • Bach's “Art of the Fugue” is a lengthy work featuring 14 fugues and 4 canons. The Great Kat compresses it into a mere 32 seconds for her interpretation of 2 harpsichords and a band.
  • As for "Paginini's "Caprice #24" Wikipedia says that it:

is widely considered one of the most difficult pieces ever written for the solo violin. It requires many highly advanced techniques such as parallel octaves and rapid shifting covering many intervals, extremely fast scales and arpeggios including minor scales in thirds and tenths, left hand pizzicato, high positions, and quick string crossing.”

Nevertheless, many musicians have seen fit to adapt the piece, including both The Great Kat and Yngwie Malmsteen

Interesting to note from the Houston Press:

"RO: Why aren't there more Beethoven pieces on your CD? Bach Shreds would've been more accurate."
"TGK: Wake up! Just one Beethoven masterpiece is enough to send you soaring into the universe with virtuosic, brilliant, powerful complexity. Bach is brilliant, but Beethoven rules."

The songs may be short, but they pack a lot of punch at 300 BPM. The album will have you researching the original works and comparing them to her versions, thus educating the next generation of music connoisseurs.

You can purchase the CD or preview the songs on Amazon and for more information about the musician, visit

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