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'Bee People' DVD Review

DVD Review: Bee People
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Bee People


This is a documentary that is going to inform you about something most people take for granted, eating. The honeybee actually helps deliver one-third of the food we eat. Without the honeybee doing its job we would be in trouble, serious trouble. We as humans would be scrambling for food to eat. If you believe in the domino theory since we would lose one source of food then go overheat another or two and eventually we would be without food. We need the bee.

This film could be the follow up to 'Vanishing of the Bees'. Bee People is dealing with the people involved in the industry. You will meet Greg Mcmahon aka The Bee Guru. In the bee community he is almost like a rock star/evangelist. He us the person to go to if you want to know something about bees. There will be others like Tate an 11 year old beekeeper, a man they call The Bee Medic whose real name is Mike Gallagher, or the Bee Cop Tony Planakis.

You might ask yourself is it really worth meeting these people and learning about the bee community? The answer is yes because you'll be watching and learning about a relationship between man and bee that goes back some 100 million years.

The film opens with a look at Colony Collapse Disorder which is killing off hives at an incredible rate. Another reason that a film like this was made is to introduce a younger generation to the active world of beekeeping. Right now we are losing some 3 million beehives due to the retirement of beekeepers themselves.

The documentary brings you into the lives of these people and tries to show the viewer what is involved in the raising and maintaining of a beehive. It shows the value of keeping the bee population alive and well, but also shows that with little start up cost that this is a viable way of earning some extra funds. It's main goal is the education of what the bee community is all about. This is a fun documentary to view. It is informative as well as entertaining.

TDC Entertainment is responsible for bringing you this wonderful DVD and the release date is September 9, 2014. The quality of the DVD itself is extraordinary. There are some sequences that are unbelievable. The sound and visual are of the highest quality. This educational DVD is a must for all teachers as well as a must for every person on this planet that enjoys food. In other words this is a must see. We all need to understand just how we are oh so intertwined with the Bees.

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