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Bed bug mattress cover review

Clean Rest Pro Mattress Encasement


Whether you have had bed bugs, are subject to allergic reactions or just wish to protect your mattress from unwanted microtoxins and dust mites, CleanBrands has the perfect solution. Their Clean Rest Pro mattress encasement is the topic of our review today.

Clean Rest Box Spring Encasement
Source: Courtesy CleanBrands LLC
CleanBrands | The Healthy Living Experts
Source Courtesy: CleanBrands LLC

CleanBrands Clean Rest Pro is affordable and in our opinion a 5 star rated product. You can cover your queen size mattress for only $89.95.

In review: Clean Rest Pro Mattress Encasement

Company: CleanBrands LLC

Country: USA Engineered

Location: East Providence, Rhode Island


Overview: CleanBrands' Clean Rest mattress encasement block allergens, microtoxins, dust mites, and most importantly bed bugs. Their MicroPlush top fabric is comfortable to sleep on, and the patented Zip-N-Click protects like no other mattress cover.

1. Protection: The encasement is a thick material, not easily susceptible to tearing while putting it on your mattress. The Zip-N-Click zipper will keep all bed bugs trapped inside or outside of the mattress encasement. 5 star

2. Comfort: The MicroOne material used in the Clean Rest Pro mattress encasement is super comfortable. This is not a cheap plastic type mattress cover. When you sleep, you won't even know it's there. 5 star

3. Cleanliness: Because of their patented MicroOne fabric technology, the microscopic pore size stops allergens, dust mites, microtoxins and bed bugs from passing through. Your mattress will stay new for years. 5 star

4. Washable: You can easily remove the encasement to wash at any time. You could chose to wash your mattress encasement every time to wash your sheets, or perhaps once a month. Because of the strong fabric used, you won't need to worry about tearing the fabric. 5 star

5. Chemical free: There are no chemicals used in the manufacturing of the product. 5 star

6. Waterproof: This would be perfect for your children's beds, if you want to protect their mattresses from water damage. The Clean Rest Pro is actually rated 'waterproof'. 5 star

7. Warranty: The mattress encasement comes with a 15 year warranty. That's right, a 15 year warranty. Amazing! 5 star

8. Construction: The super stretch sidewall fits mattresses up to 21 in or 53 cm deep. 5 star

If you've had a bed bug heat treatment, there is no need to throw your mattress away. Simply place a Clean Rest Mattress Encasement on your bed right after the exterminators leave, and you'll be able to sleep in comfort.

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