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Become a secret agent with 'How to Archer'

How to Archer

How to Archer: The Ultimate Guide to Espionage and Style and Women and Also Cocktails Ever Written


If you know anything about Sterling Archer, it’s that he’s awesome. And if you know that then you have also experienced the unavoidable urge to try and become him.

Lucky for you there is now a book to help you achieve your goal.

“How To Archer: The Ultimate Guide to Espionage and Style and Women and Also Cocktails Ever Written” is now available wherever boos are available.

Written by the title character of the hit FX animated comedy “Archer,” at least according to the cover, “How to Archer” is a hilarious view into the life and times of the World Greatest Secret Agent.

The book is set with the back story of HarperCollins meeting with Archer for what he thinks is his memoirs but it turns out to be a how to book. After bedding one of the female editors and spending all of the advance without writing a word, he agrees to give them the obligatory 30,000 words on how to be him.

The books covers many topics including “How to Spy,” “How to Drink,” “How to Style,” “How to Dine,” “How to Women” and “How to Pay for It.”

As publisher HaperCollins described it: “How to Archer is Sterling Archer’s gift to the world, in which he reveals his secrets on how to dress properly, drive a elephant, haggle with a Thai prostitute in her native tongue, pilot an airboat and make about a million delicious cocktail, including a molotov one.”

Archer give his unique take on all of these things. He does not pull punches and leaves it all on the table. Every topic is handled with his brand of awesomeness and you can tell that his “advice” is legit and what he truly does as the Worlds Greatest Secret Agent.

“How to Spy” is where the meat of this book lies. From fighting style to weapons, transportation to cobras (kinda), every aspect of espionage is covered in mediocre yet interesting detail. Archer is honest, admitting all that he doesn’t know and are the only real tips you need to become him and after reading this book you will know how to become Sterling Archer.

The biggest concern with a book like this is being able to capture the feel of the show and the character in written form. Lucky for “How to Archer,” its actually written by series creator and head writer Adam Reed, who understands the character better than anyone. Countless times while reading I could hear Archer’s voice in my head speaking the lines.

This is a great accompanying piece for any Archer fan. Filled with new drawings, inside stories and many references, the book is a must have for anyone interested in the series, and they will not be disappointed.

The only thing that will make this book better is for the voice of Archer, H. Jon Benjamin, to do an audio version. Also a chapter on Cobras.


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