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Become a Foodist for health and well-being

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Unlike many who struggle with weight issues, Darya Pino Rose does not lack for will power. A ballerina as a teenager, she easily maintained the requisite body type through a low fat diet. In graduate school, she switched to a low carb plan and ran marathons. She now has a doctorate in neuroscience and has embraced the idea of eating real food and eliminating processed products. She cites scientific proof that won't surprise the average dieter: willpower is never enough.

Rose's book Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting focuses on health instead of weight loss. She states, "The healthiest food is made from high-quality, peak-of-the-season ingredients..."

Living as she does in a foodie mecca, San Francisco, makes her plan easier to achieve than it might be for those of us not so lucky in locale.What improvements in lifestyle can be undertaken anywhere?

Most important is forming new habits, some quite simple: eat from smaller plates and taller glasses, chew food thoroughly, never eat food right from the package.Learning a few cooking skills and adding vegetables will help. To break bad habits, avoidance won't do the trick. Discovering what cues the behavior and planning a specific counterstrategy will.

To find those cues, Rose recommends keeping a food diary for two weeks. The patterns will emerge.Even a small change can have big implications over time.