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Beauty Pick: Vine Vera is luxury skincare at its fullest potential

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Vine Vera


The moment I strolled into The Courtyard at Sadie’s Kitchen Lounge in Hollywood, I was welcomed with a delicious glass of wine. The event was the Vine Vera "Wine & Vine" dinner to unveil the company's latest offerings in anti-aging beauty products and since I was there to discover all the awesome benefits of Resveratrol (a key ingredient found in red wine and a potent antioxidant used to combat signs of aging), I happily obliged.

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In beauty, presentation is everything and I don't doubt the team behind Vine Vera knows this. In between a delicious three course meal and several glasses of wine that inspired the products, Bloggers, Editors and Industry Insiders were treated to detailed info about the line, how the products work and even demonstrations. We oohed and ahhed at the Resveratrol Shiraz Instentic Non-Surgical Syringe and couldn't get enough of the Resveratrol High-Potency Powder which was actually launched at the event that evening.

So how does Vine Vera stack up against other luxury beauty products promising to help you turn back the hands of time? For the second time this week, I'm going to quote Beyonce and say #flawless. My pick is the Cabernet Collection which offers a high-potency cream, high-potency serum, high-potency powder and a cellular peel. The collection promises to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and radiant and it does exactly that. I don't think I stopped touching my face all day after the use of the cream and serum.

Infused with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Seaweed Extract, and Resveratrol, you're getting the best of nature's offerings. To be frank, the products aren't some magical potion that will make you look like someone else. Instead, they help you bring out the best version of your physical self. Your skin looks radiant and feels so soft and smooth before you even apply any makeup that you almost think you absentmindedly put some primer on without realizing it. Plus, I knew I was hooked when I started worrying about what I'd do when my samples ran out.

Vine Vera products are available online. To celebrate Mother's Day, they're hosting a contest until May 12th where you can win 2 gift baskets --one for you and one for the special mom in your life. Afterall, who doesn't deserve a little luxury?