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Beauty and the Beast Truly Enchants and Captivates

Beauty and the Beast (musical)


On Wed., April 16 media representatives from across the Dallas/Fort Worth areas had the privilege to converge on the AT&T Performing Arts Center for the Disney production of Beauty and the Beast, which will be there until April 27. Let's just say the movie does not do it justice because the actual play was outstanding, had amazing performers and was worth every second.

Beauty and the Beast Captivates

Where to begin? Start with the opening how can you not like the live version of the Beast? He was comical and witty and continued his spoiled brat image that he was taken from, which honestly makes more sense than the cartoon version who was just grumpy and mean. The performers of Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts and Madame de la Grande Bouche were absolutely amazing. They truly gave each of these characters a back story and depth. In the cartoon you never know who they are or where they came from but the play does an amazing job of shining a light on them and their plight to be restored to their human nature.

The absolute standout in the play was Madame Bouche. She had perfect timing and delivered over the top lines for her over the top personality. The audience laughed every time she got on stage.

Belle was witty and comical too and her lines were on time as she stood up to the Beast and pushed away Gaston, who was a dimwitted, egotistical jerk who knew everyone wanted him but the one woman who didn't. His sidekick Lefou was agile and did excellent tricks and flips and showed his true acrobatics around the stage.

The first act left you at the edge of your seat, despite probably having seen the movie a million times and even having it in your movie collection at home. Be Our Guest was absolutely amazing! And the ending was a shear delight. What else can be said about Beauty and the Beast? Oh, that's right take your family to go see it! It's a great production!!