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Beauty and the Beast back at the Fisher Theater

Darick Pead as Beast and Hilary Maiberger as Belle
Darick Pead as Beast and Hilary Maiberger as Belle
Amy Boyle

Beauty and the Beast at the Fisher Theater 3-25-14


Disney's Beauty and the Beast returned to the Fisher Theater on Tuesday evening for a run that lasts through Sunday, March 30.

The award winning Broadway musical is a elaborate re-telling of the Disney classic that portrays the enduring story of love and friendship between Belle and the Beast.

Belle is the odd one out in her small town and finds a way to empathize and see the greater good in the Beast, who has spent years along with his household staff trapped in a spell of a enchantress.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast features the animated film's Academy Award-winning score with music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Howard Ashman.

Songs like "Gaston" and "Beauty and the Beast" were represented on Tuesday evening and a spectacular, flashy portrayal of "Be My Guest" delighted the audience.

Darick Pead's does a great job of moving from ferocious to vulnerable in the span of a instant and his comedic really timing kept things rolling.

Hilary Maiberger's portrayal of Belle is a bit more understated but she plays the straight woman with flair as she is caught in the middle between the Beast and the over-the-top Gaston, played with relish by Tim Rogan.

Along for the ride are a host of colorful characters who make the most of their stage time and really steal the show at times.

Tickets for the rest of the Fisher Theater showings are on sale at the Fisher Theater box office and all Ticketmaster locations.