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Glossy box


Thanks for waiting – it will be worth your time
Hello to all loyal beauty readers, it has been a very long time since the last article but it will be worth the wait. In short, it means that there is much information to share which will not easily fit into just one article. Let us get ready for one of many adventures of sharing information on new products and sources to purchases these products.

There are numerous box programs that the everyday consumer may participate to sample many new products, and also many of the tried and true. Many have been detailed in prior to this date; however, with the amount of individuals who have not heard of these programs it is wise to focus on this topic once more. Especially considering the new competition that is in the market place with box programs, it continues to shine as a great way to try new products in a box that comes directly to the door via the postman.

The number one box in this reviewer’s opinion is Glossy box. This monthly shipment of goodies usually hits the participating consumer’s door around the third week of the month. The products that are included are beauty products that are from well-known companies (“Dr. Brandt” to “smash box” to name just a few) with at least one of the products being full sized. With just a small amount of information which is provided when the consumer applies to have shipments delivered, the products are tailored to fit individual needs. An example would be products for fair complex natural blondes, to products designed for redheads, to products designed for individuals with darker complexions with hair that is naturally curly.
The consumer chooses how much to commit to the purchase of this program. It is available month to month for $21, three months for $60, six months for $115 or annually for $120 – it is up to you how much money you would like to save. Having being a willing participant of this program for over a year, it has never disappointed. Each box provides not only the product, but a brief description of each product, and how this product is used. With this information, one can experiment with all sorts of items that perhaps the consumer would not actually think to purchase.
The program works as far as getting consumers to go out and purchase what they have tried from the shipments of GLOSSY BOX. Speaking with several participants of the program, it appears that the normal consumer will go out and purchase at least two items from each box. With the limited data that this reviewer had to work with, and the group of exceptionally happy consumers; it appears the marketing directive that this company is using is definitely working with exceptional results.

The company is now offering a box for our male readers, which may be a direct response to the competition of Birchbox. Our next article will highlight this program, so until then stay beautiful.

Knowledge and adventure is the spice of life, and with these boxes you have a bit of both coming your way each month.

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