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Be careful, you might be smitten by these cute kittens; Lee Middleton babies

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Happy New Year, New York Doll Collectors. Something surprising happened to me over the holiday season. Just when I thought I would love new dolls from a far and hold off from buying any more, because of the limited space I have; It happened. I was smitten with a pair of cute kittens. Another words, doll babies.

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I had mentioned in a previous article about purchasing two Lee Middleton Nursery Baby Dolls for my church’s Giving Tree. Parishioners would donate toys to needy children in our area. The two dolls I purchased for donations, was Angel Baby and Beautiful Baby. They are adorable and so life like in shape and in the feel and weight of them. I mean, when you lift them up, they have a lovely baby heft, that makes then so irresistibly huggable. Their heads lolly back like a real baby. They look at you so much like a baby; a look of curiosity. Ok what am I getting at!

Well, after I gave the dolls away for charity; which I might add was really a tough thing to do. I know, I know, it’s the season of giving and I should be happy to give to children in need. I am so happy I did it. The dolls were so adorable, though, that I had to fight the temptation to keep them! I purchased other toys, but I knew that the dolls would be a big hit with two children who would have them.

So what did I do. I went back to the store, which is Miller’s in Mamaroneck, New York, where I previously purchased the dolls. I couldn’t remember the names of the dolls, but the young woman who handled my previous purchases, recognized me, and remembered the two dolls I bought. She retrieved the two dolls out from the store window, because they were sold out inside the store. She, brought them over to the counter, and in addition, I received two birth certificates for the two dolls. Haha

I was so happy, like a child at heart. And totally so excited. One more thing. The young woman in the Miller's Toy store, explained that, you can decide if you want the dolls to be girls or boys. The little cap that the baby dolls' wear, have three blocks of colors: pink (girl) blue (boy) and purple (for who the heck cares, the baby is just too cute and adorable; it just doesn't matter) It didn't say that, but I think that wouldn't be far from the truth.

So these two lovelies are now my own. Please have a look at these dolls and check out the Miller’s Store or even Madame Alexander. And be careful. You might be smitten too.

Happy Doll Day Shopping and Happy New Year!

Visit Miller’s Toy Store is located at 335 Mamaroneck Avenue, Mamaroneck, New York 10543