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Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby is a illustrious piece of art

Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of The Great Gatsby. THE Tiffany & Co jewellery worn by Carey Mulligan on the set of The Great Gatsby was worth so much, that she had to be shadowed by a security guard.
LOIC ... 2013 during a photocall for the film 'The Great Gatsby'

Baz Luhrmann's film The Great Gatsby


Baz Luhrmann's film The Great Gatsby has the turbulent emotions of F. Scott Fitzgerald's book. Transforming the 1925 book to film was a four-year process. Director Luhrmann's film honors the book core of loneliness, emptiness and misplaced nostalgia. Baz Luhrmann said, "… in much of Fitzgerald’s work – he can see that something is corrupt morally in society and it is going to come crashing down. And I think to a certain extent we have gone through that ourselves recently. Since 9/11 there has been an added slight moral rubberiness in our world, and we all know that things came crashing down. And it is this that makes the Gatsby story especially relevant today."

The writing credits for The Great Gatsby 2013 film go to Baz Luhrmann and Craig Pearce. Much of the dialogue is lifted straight from the book, which shapes the nuances of the actor's performances and bits of symbolism throughout the film are left for the interpretation of the viewer.

Fitzgerald's granddaughter, Eleanor Lanahan, after seeing Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby at a premiere in the United States said to the director, "All his life he's been maligned because you can't transfer first person narrative into film and in my opinion you have done it, and he would be very proud'."

Of the uneven reviews coming from US critics, Leonardo DiCaprio, in Cannes said: "All you can do is try your best."You go to make these films, you're off on location for months and months at a time, and all you can do is try your best. I know we did that for this film. Ultimately whether people embrace it or tear it apart is beyond anyone's control. All you can do is dedicate yourself to making a great piece of art and that's what we ultimately did."

I think the public and critics most often reflect a callus lack of compassion and sensitivity toward the art and dedication for making a film. Or to quote Fitzgerld, most …"reports" are "a nightmare — grotesque, circumstantial, eager, and untrue."

Art Director, Ian Gracie credits include Australia and Moulin Rouge. Along with her team members Michael Turner and Damien Drew, the art direction captured Fitzgerald's poetic prose of "the halls and salons and verandas are gaudy with primary colors, and hair shorn in strange new ways, and shawls beyond the dreams of Castile." The Set Decoration created the prodigality of the life and times of the 1920s. Tiffany & Co. collaborated with the film's Oscar®-winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin on the bejeweled creations of The Great Gatsby. Martin featured the elusive beauty that is gone in today's modern dress.

Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby has an exceptional cast that includes: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan. Elizabeth Debicki, Joel Edgerton, Jason Clarke and Isla Lang Fisher. On-line you can read F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, the lyrical writing alone yields a great American novel. "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."


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