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'Battleblock Theater' review: Cat lovers can now rejoice

Battleblock Theater


Everyone, hold onto your butts because "Battleblock Theater" by The Behemoth is finally here.

"Battleblock Theater" cover art.
The Behemoth
'Battleblock Theater' is out now!
The Behemoth

The game is set on a mysterious island. On it, you discover an abandoned theater run by cats and are imprisoned by them. You are then forced to act through various stage productions in order to find a way off. Along the way you must collect gems and balls of yarn to unlock weapons and help the rest of your crew who are trapped with you.

Right away, the art of the game gives an immediate impression. The music, the voice-overs, the drawings, the colors; this game is very fun to watch and listen to.

The best looking characters have to be the cat guards. Does anyone know if The Behemoth makes stuffed versions of these guys? If they do, please send an e-mail saying where they are available.

The game has some solid controls. There's no need to memorize crazy button combinations. Most of the time you are jumping and double jumping which is all on one button. Other times you are moving from side to side, shooting acid bubbles, throwing each other, catching each other, bouncing off of walls, sliding down walls, or creating fart explosions.

Okay, a negative may be that there are a lot of mechanics to learn. However you don't need to know them right away; there is time. You'll eventually learn them as you progress throughout the game.

Also, the moves are not hard to execute; at least not in single player mode. The only problem was in co-op mode. For some reason it was difficult trying to throw each other. Especially when the time came where you needed to do it in order to reach another platform.

The developers like to use the term "co-optional," in regards to the game, meaning that you have the choice of playing with someone else if you want to, and you should. It adds for a more heightened gaming experience. You also have the "option" of working together with your partner in the game. It's very funny getting ready to catch them and then moving your character away at the last second as they drown in the water or get fried by a beam of electricity.

All this can go down the toilet if your partner just trolls you the entire game. If this happens, you won't progress at all in the game. There are sections that truly require teamwork.

The humor in the game can be a little crude at times. So for some people it may be a turn-off. However, if you're okay with the occasional pee and poo jokes, then it's all part of the appeal.

"Battleblock Theater" is a pretty dense game, and it may be a little intimidating. According to the release notes, there are "over 400 levels and 300 prisoners to release." There are also tons of items to unlock, achievements to be gained, and other modes to play. So, to question if you're getting your monies worth would be silly. Don't let the amount of content scare you though. More content means more chances to have fun.

Speaking of a lot of content, the level editor is very involved. You're able to design pretty much every aspect of a level. Aspiring developers will get a kick out of this game mode. You'll also be able to upload the levels you've created for others to try and vote on.

The game has a high replay factor. Players may not get all the gems, or pick up every ball of yarn in every level the first time around. In fact, early on, you only need to acquire three gems in order to exit the stage. So players may want to just complete the levels then go back to find everything else. You'll need to anyways if you plan on unlocking everything in the game.

Currently, "Battleblock Theater" is only available on XBLA and will cost you 1200 Microsoft points. Maybe we'll see it for PSN someday. But one can only hope.

If you're looking for an intense FPS with blood, guts, crazy monsters, then you'll have to look elsewhere. This game is obviously not Bioshock: Infinite or Gears of War.

"Battleblock Theater" is funny, adorable, and a delight to play. Players of all ages should be able to enjoy the game. Sure there is some violence: characters get punched, impaled on spikes, and explode. However, there's no blood, you come back to life, and when you explode, streamers and confetti come out of you plus you make a fart sound.

So, unless you're allergic to cats, this is a game worthy of everyone's game library.

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