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Battle Royale in 'Lenore' #10

Lenore Volume II issue 10
Courtesy of Titan Comics

Lenore Volume II issue 10


Sometimes, it is hard to believe that Roman Dirge’s “Lenore” is over 20 years old. It is also incredulous that Dirge is now more machine than man. In February of 2013, Dirge and his girlfriend were struck by an SUV in a hit and run accident. Dirge has been rebuilt and continues to delight readers with his “Cute Little Dead Girl.”

Who is this Lenore? About a century ago, this young girl name Lenore Lynchfast died from pneumonia. But she did not do a good job of staying dead. In the land of Nevermore, Lenore spends her days with pals Ragamuffin and Pooty.

In stores on July 23, “Lenore Volume II” issue 10 (Titan Comics) continues the “Downfall” saga in which readers are treated to the origin story of Lenore’s neighbor Taxidermy. That spooky creature who lives in her backyard? Well, it turns out that Taxidermy is actually the ancient god Taxen-Ra, “Guardian of All Children, and he loved his job.”

If you haven't read issue #9, here's what was revealed [SPOILER ALERT]: As is the case with many gods, Taxen-Ra lost his powers over time. That was until countless children died in a horrible plague. The other gods were not happy with Taxen-Ra’s overzealous actions. They all fought against Taxen-Ra and on the seventh day, they finally subdued and captured the Guardian of All Children.

Trapped for centuries in a sarcophagus, Taxen-Ra was contained. Until 1880, when a French archaeologist’s assistant accidentally cracked open the ancient sarcophagus. Taxen-Ra was free to continue his work, punishing those who harmed children!

Taxen-Ra, AKA Taxidermy, AKA The Orphanage, has angered his fellow gods with his murderous ways. They have descended upon Lenore’s backyard to destroy him. But also in Lenore’s backyard: a slew of soldiers sent by a mystery woman. It is a battle royale that ends with … well, this face-off is to be continued in issue #11.

This issue continues with Dirge’s trademark wit and humor, but there’s also a pleasant expansion of his artwork. Keep abreast of all things Dirge at his website, Spookyland, and on Twitter.

If you are attending San Diego Comic-Con, visit the Titan Comics booth (# 5537) on Friday, July 25 when Dirge is scheduled to sign copies of this issue from 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Make sure you check in at the Titan Comics booth to confirm times and follow them on Twitter for updates.