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Battle over knightly regalia & the Worchester Art Museum’s new treasures

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The knights of Worchester’s Higgins Armory Museum saw another march today as their armor; weaponry and barding sallied forth to their new home at the Worchester Art Museum. Chivalric fanboys and argyle historians alike flocked to the Higgins Museum today to bid on that which would not find a new home at the WAM.

The stars of the collection have been saved, including an 18th century yukinoshita-do style Japanese breastplate emblazoned with a twisting dragon. A Comb Morion for the guard of Christian I or II (electors of Saxony) is also making for a new home, as is a miraculously complete set of armor for Count Franz von Teuffenbach (1516). The new exhibit boasts everything from marvelously well-preserved barding to gladiator helmets, to a gilded Jasper-hilted smallsword that brings neoclassical art history to the industrial revolution.

The auction allowed fans a last chance to amble through the museum, and perhaps take home something that had always been of sentimental value to them. Aside form the nostalgia; it presented a rare opportunity to buy both a ladder and a gauntlet. The motley crowds some dressed in doctor-who t-shirts with sweatpants, some in tweed, then convened in an auditorium for the bidding. Unsurprisingly, the enormous playground objects were not fought over, with a light-up jousting simulator going for twenty dollars. The iron filigree lights that had hitherto illuminated the stone faux-medieval groin vaults and stone halls went for up to two hundred apiece.