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Batter Bowl Bakery Leaves Bitter Taste

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Batter Bowl Bakery


Batter Bowl Bakery located on 403 H Street NE seemed to have so much promise. Owned by the neighboring Ethiopic Restaurant; poor customer service seems to be the unfortunate common thread that ties these establishments together. At first sight, Batter Bowl looked quaint, clean, and cute. With sweet offerings like cupcakes and macaroons to more savory breakfast items, salads and open faced sandwiches; a pleasant quick and fresh meal is to be expected.

Upon entering, the only visible employee was standing behind the register unengaged. A simple hello can go a long way when a patron, especially a new one, walks into an establishment willing to spend money. After initiating a greeting with her, an order was placed only for her to return from the kitchen to solemnly relay the message that they were out of the main ingredient in their Watermelon Salad; watermelon. Running out of ingredients in a restaurant is inevitable, it happens from time to time and is not necessarily a big deal.

After trying to figure out what else to choose from, the employee became rude, unresponsive and disgruntled. In the end, if a restaurant is out of an item there should be signage to indicate that option is not available or at the least, the employee should preface that option is not available (along with a greeting). It is baffling to think that an employee would be more upset than the customer at a moment like this, and the furthest from accommodating.

Customer service is ultimately the main component to a delicious meal at a restaurant, and that is an ingredient that no restaurant can afford to run out of.