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Batman Eternal #11 review

Batman Eternal #11


A lot of dark scary stuff is happening in Gotham right now. The story continues in this month's Batman Eternal issue 11. Published by DC Comics, Batman Eternal issue 11 came out June 18, 2014. This issue is written by Tim Seeley, John Layman, Ray Fawkes, James T. Tynion IV, and Scott Snyder. The art in this issue is by Ian Bertram with cover art by Guillem March.

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James Gordon is still in jail and the Carmine Falcone is still causing trouble. Batgirl is in South America looking for a man who was at the train station the night of the crash that killed hundreds of people and causing James Gordon to end up in jail. She there runs into members of the Club of Villains. We get to see more of Stephanie Brown as she finds out more about her crazy, cracked out father Cluemaster. We even get to see the origin of Cluemaster which was pretty cool. With all that going on we also get a some father daughter bonding times with Alfred and his daughter Julia.

This issue was a lot brighter that the past issues, like the one I reviewed on This issue was brighter in tone and art work. Even with Batgirl run around and being angry and determined to find someone to prove that her father is innocent, everyone around her were making jokes and lighting the whole mood of the comic. She even runs into Starfire and Redhood who make light of things. The art work is also bright and full of light colors.

I'm really looking forward to see more of Cluemaster and Stephanie Brown in the coming issues. The trail of James Gordon starts in the next issue set to come out June 25, 2014. What did you think of this issue? I found it a nice little break from all the hardcore scary stuff going down in Gotham right now. How do you think the trail of Gordon will go? Do you think he'll go down for the crime or will Batman and Batgirl save him in time?