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'Batman Begins' is one of the best films in the series

Batman Begins


Recently, it was announced that British actor Jeremy Irons has been cast to play Alfred, the multi-talented butler in the upcoming "Batman/Superman" movie. Alfred, entrusted with both the monumental and mundane aspects of the day to day life of Bruce Wayne/Batman, is a key character in most Batman plots. In the last three movies of this franchise, the venerable actor Michael Caine played the unflappable assistant. His first time playing the role was in "Batman Begins," which came out in 2005.

"Batman Begins" is, of course, Batman's origin story. As a child, the privileged and pampered Bruce Wayne develops a phobia of bats after being trapped in a well with them. This trauma is exacerbated by the murder of his parents, right in front of him. As a somewhat moody adult (played by Christian Bale), he conquers his fear and uses bats as his symbol. He travels abroad to an unnamed locale to condition himself to be an anonymous crime fighter. When he returns to Gotham City, he finds it is overrun by crime. Bruce, positioning himself as a carefree playboy billionaire, makes an ally in James Gordon (played by Gary Oldman), one of the city's few honest cops. When he becomes Batman, he must stop a villain called Scarecrow (played by Cillian Murphy).

"Batman Begins" has a fine cast. Of all the actors who have played Batman, Christian Bale is the best. We see how he is haunted by the death of his parents. But we also see that he is smart and tough. Michael Caine is also very good as Alfred, who cares for Bruce since he has known him since his childhood. Cillian Murphy makes the Scarecrow a very scary villain.

This movie has a lot of great action scenes. One of the best is a fight between Batman and a villain in a speeding monorail. This scene is very intense.

"Batman Begins" is one of the best Batman films