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Basis Carbon Steel Edition: A review

Basis Carbon Steel Edition $199Charging in the cradle.
Basis Carbon Steel Edition $199Charging in the cradle.
Kenneth Fish

Basis 2014 Carbon Steel Edition


At the beginning of the month you had the pleasure of being introduced to the Basis 2014 Carbon Steel Edition fitness/health/activity/sleep monitor. In that introduction the basics of the Basis were presented in order to provide an idea of what the device ought to be capable of and to establish a level of expectation for anyone who might be in the market for such a device. To say the least, the Basis Carbon Steel Edition is packed with myriad sensors that feed data to a set of web- and mobile phone-based applications that present the data to the end user in a way that makes sense. Additionally, both of the applications gently coach the user to set and achieve activity and sleep goals by sending out periodic, and generally timely, reminders to “Get your habits going today,” as well as little electronic high-fives to congratulate the user on achieving those goals.

Basis logo
Courtesy of Basis

On paper, at least, the Basis Carbon Steel Edition is an amazing piece of health management hardware. It is certainly comprehensive in its data collection, but it is far from perfect, though not very. What I’m getting at here is the fact that when something is way out there on the cutting edge, unexpected issues can, and more than likely will, happen. In the case of the Basis 2014 Carbon Steel Edition, any issues that came about all seemed to be application-related. Most of these glitches were in the form of dialog boxes popping up while the Carbon Steel Edition was connected to the charging cradle and the cradle was connected to a MacBook Air. These dialog boxes were filled with warnings that the monitor was not syncing or communicating properly when in actuality it really was. While these dialog boxes have been annoying, they haven’t completely detracted from an otherwise positive user experience.

Beyond the minor application glitchiness, the Basis 2014 Carbon Steel Edition has proven to be an insightful and helpful partner in keeping me on track with my fitness goals throughout the duration of this test. Both the web- and mobile phone-based applications provide a lot of details clearly and concisely, the most interesting of which, for me, at least, being the sleep data. Thanks to the Basis, I have been getting more and better sleep more consistently than ever before and because of that I feel more ready to take on whatever life happens to throw at me, and for that I am grateful. With more and better sleep, I am capable of more and better exercise, and with more and better excercise, my pattern of sleep improves, and so on, and so forth.

For more information or to make a purchase of the Basis 2014 Carbon Steel Edition, click here.

**Full disclosure: This fitness/health/activity/sleep monitor was provided at no cost for editorial consideration. To think otherwise would be silly.