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BarTaco In Port Chester

Bar Taco


Do you live in Westchester and want do something new on a Saturday night? Are you tired of doing the same new thing?

BarTaco is a bar that specializes in Mexican food. It could be a great night with friends or a great date night. It is located in Port Chester, New York. It also overlooks the water so in the summer it could be a great date night atmosphere.

The prices are fairly reasonable so if you are tight with money it is not a problem. The only things that will cost a lot of money will be the trays. A small tray is $24.00 and a big tray is $36.00. Some of the drinks can get expensive then there are drinks on the menu that are not that expensive.

If you want to go on a weekend night go early. If you go any later than 8:00pm you might have a long wait to be seated.

If you have not tried it yet and live in the Westchester area come to BarTaco is Port Chester and check it out. You have nothing to lose. Your best bet will be to go in the summer since you could have a chance or eating inside or outside.