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BarkBox Review



Many dog lovers are now turning their attention to bark box. Each month, dog owners can receive a box that includes treats and toys for their dog. The question is, is this service any good?

As an owner of two large breed dogs, the answer is yes. The treats included in the bark box are very healthy--no guilt for giving the pup an extra snack. The treats are often all natural and adjusted to fit your dog's size. The treat variety each month is wonderful and I haven't found a single treat my dogs wouldn't eat.

The toys are often very durable and the dogs always enjoy them. Once again, they are perfect for the dog's size. Each month they have a different toy. Sometimes, it is a stuffed toy, but more often than not, the toy is one that is very durable and long lasting.

When it comes to price, it can't be beat. The toys and treats included in the bark box are worth way more than what you pay. Many of these toys can be bought for $20 by themselves--already almost to the cost of bark box. Just want to test it out? No problem. Barkbox offers a variety of plans: one month, three months, six months, and a year.

While I have been hyping up this service, there is one downfall--if you have multiple dogs. If you have multiple dogs, like I do, then you know dogs aren't really into sharing. The stuff included in the box is only for one dog. While this would be fine when it comes to many of the treats, it doesn't work when it comes to toys. Many homes now include multiple dogs and I hope this is something they are thinking about adding.