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Barber Poles show where men can get a haircut

A good place to get a decent men's haircut.
Sidney Drabkin

Men's haircuts.


While driving through Union City, California, looking for a place to get a hair cut, we saw a sign that said Barber Shop, we decided to stop and visit it: it's strange to see that kind of sign. Most signs advertise that they will cut women's hair, and have a smaller sign saying that they will cut men's and children's hair.

When we walked up to the barber shop, Marcellis Barber Shop, 31808 Alvarado Blvd, Union City, Ca 94587, it was strange to see the old stile barber chairs, modernized, mirrors on the walls so that you can see what your haircut looks like, reasonable prices for men's and children's haircut, the barbers were very social while cutting hair, and there was a waiting room.

The waiting room is blocked off by a small barrier, so that, while waiting, you are not distracting the barbers from doing their work. What's grate about this shop you can make an appointment or just walk in and a barber, who does not have an appointment, will approach you and ask to come to his chair to have your hair cut.

In the waiting room there were two barber poles--red, white, and blue stripes--that you very seldom see. Years ago, these barber poles indicated that you can get a haircut, a shave, surgery can be performed, teeth extracted, and bloodletting. Today it is just to let you know that you can get a haircut.

Therefore if you just need a haircut or a trim this would be the place to go.