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Barbara Eden and cast give a new look to 'Social Security' at the Alhambra

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Tod Booth has done it once again with his direction/production of Social Security at the Alhambra Theater & Dining. The six-person play is headlined by the star of “I Dream of Jeannie”, Barbara Eden. Ms Eden is all that and a bag of chips – the woman is exquisite. Besides being a great actress, she has found the proverbial ‘Fountain of Youth’ and drinks from it daily.

The 6 member cast. Scenes and guests of "Social Security"
The 6 member cast. Scenes and guests of "Social Security"
/ Jamie James
Barbara Eden gives a new meaning to the words "Social Security" at the Alhambra Theater & Dining
/ Alhambra

Barbara makes her appearance at the end of the first act as the decrepit Mama Sophie and is transformed to a younger, yet mature woman who is desirable and independent. As you observe the second act, you will witness each glorious transformation that a new love interest can generate. Take a look at the photos above to see this mature woman get more beautiful as the show progresses.

“Social Security” is a play written by Andrew Bergmanthat that focuses on Barbara and David Kahn who are the owners of an art gallery in Manhattan. Their trendy lifestyle is put into disarray when Barbara’s housewife sister Trudy deposits their elderly, ailing mother Sophie on the couple's doorstep while she and her husband Martin head to Buffalo, NY to rescue their college-student-daughter from a Ménage à trois relationship with two men. Barbara and David introduce Mama Sophie to a suave mature artist by the name of Maurice Koenig, who paints her portrait, wines and dines her and then begins to show Sophie that she’s not getting older, but she’s just beginning to live.

You may remember Michael Strauss (who plays David Kahn in “Social Security”) as a very talented and charismatic actor. He was also marvelous in the Alhambra productions of “The Odd Couple”, “Remember Me” and “The Foreigner”. His role is humorous as he and his co-star Patti Eyler deal in a real-life scenario of how they will cope with a maturing parent & the misconception that some people have dealing with a new blended family.

Patti Eyler (Barbara Kahn) is Michael’s wife. Her part in the family is to take care of Mama when her sister can no longer fulfill the obligation as caregiver. She too is not ready for the new living arrangements, but takes on the responsibility. Patti also will be remembered from her Alhambra appearance as ‘Dinah’ in “The Dixie Swim Club”.

The Alhambra welcomes Melanie Souza, who takes on the role of Trudy Heyman. She surprisingly relinquishes her custody of Mom in order to attend to her over-sexed college daughter. Her hyperventilating into a brown paper sack is hilarious.

Michael Edward Hodge, who plays Martin Heyman, is no stranger to the Alhambra stage either. He played Boolie Werthan in “Driving Miss Daisy”. His character is a little snooty, yet you’ll enjoy his stage presence as you laugh at his demeanor.

The love interest in Mama Sophie’s life is Michael Edwards who plays the mature artist, Maurice Koenig. Michael is also new to The Alhambra, nonetheless, he will keep you amused as he plays an older man who is smitten by Sophie and shows his affections in more ways than one.

Social Security
: May 7 – June 8, 2014
SHOW TIMES: 8:00 p.m. for evening shows Tuesday through Sunday. Doors open at 5:45 p.m., and dinner will be served until 7:30 p.m. Matinees on Saturday are at 1:15 p.m. Doors open at 11:00 a.m. and the brunch starts at 11:15 a.m. Sunday matinee is at 2:00 p.m. Doors open at noon and the meal starts at 12:15 p.m.

TICKETS: Regular pricing for tickets start at $47.00. Ticket price includes dinner, show and parking. Group sales are available.

LOCATION: Alhambra Theater & Dining
       12000 Beach Blvd.
       Jacksonville, Florida 32246
       (904) 641-1212

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