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Band on the rise: Monks of Mellonwah

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"Turn the People"


The name may not ring a bell, but at the rate they're going this Australian band, which consists of vocalist Vikram Kaushik, guitarist Joseph de la Hoyde, drummer Joshua Baissari, and bassist John de la Hoyde, will become mainstream hit makers in no time. Monks of Mellonwah have already gained attention overseas with their videos being played on RAGE and MTV networks. In 2012 they won Best International Rock Band at the LA Music and AIM Awards. Even though they've been releasing music since 2010, they've only just dropped their debut LP “Turn the People.” While it does show a band still trying to find their sound, it's promising a effort.

Hands down the best song is “Tear Your Hate Apart.” It's a creative blend of hard rock and electronic that gives them a distinct sound. The addition of Kaushik's falsetto vocals are unexpected, but a warm welcome as it gives the track a somewhat eerie vibe. The blend of rock and electronic isn't exactly new, but M.O.M do it in a refreshing way and may even get you moving. Unfortunately, the rest of the album has trouble finding its sound and focus. Though “Pulse” is another smooth blend of rock and electronica, this blend isn't consist on the album. Songs like “Ghost Stories,” “Alive for a Minute” and “Vanity” are more focused on a mix of rock and pop thanks to Kaushik's melodic vocals and the catchy hooks.

Many of the other tracks like “Escaping Alcatraz,” “Sailing Stones” and “I Belong to You” bring in dramatic stringed instruments and orchestral elements to create a massive sound. It's during songs like these their obvious influence of Muse shines through. “I Belong to You” shares many similarities with Muse's “Supremacy,” such as the orchestral introduction and the over the top vibe of the track. Though the songs are good it seems they borrow too much from other bands like AC/DC (“Downfall”) and Queen (“Sailing Stones”). Their influences come through a little too much where they sound like they're replicating the sound of those popular artists. While it's good to attract fans of these particular bands, it makes their music less unique.

Monks of Mellonwah have a promising music career with a solid studio debut. Though their sound is a little all over the place and is a little too reminiscent of certain artists, their music manages to be vibrant and exciting. As they evolve and grow as songwriters their music will only get stronger. Once they allow their sound to flourish, they'll be a notable act in no time. Their debut album “Turn the People” is available now. To learn more about the band, visit their website. Make sure to also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.