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Baltimore review: MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood




Ten years after starting this trilogy, Margaret Atwood published the final installment. MaddAddam picks up with Toby, who was one of the two heroines in Year of the Flood, telling the Crakers how they met and then the book takes off from there. The Painballers are on the loose, there are crazy, intelligent pigs lurking around, not to mention the ferocious Liobams. But the groups main members biggest threat is that of the Painballers.

This book was my favorite of the trilogy. I felt the emotional depth of the story improved, it was a bit lighter, had so many funny moments that I actually had to put the book down and just laugh. The Crakers were such a refreshing addition to the story. They made the book very easy to read. Although, even when they weren't on the page Tobys telling of Zeb, Snowman, and the others was so compelling you will read this book quicker and with more fervor.

What is great about the book: As I said above the addition of the interaction with the Crakers.

What was not so great: Some of Zeb's story felt more like filler, than actual important information that the reader needed to know. It was interesting nonetheless.

If you love post apocalyptic stores, you need to read the MaddAddam series.