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Baltimore organization touts literacy to fight dependency

Program manager Brian Neal, organizer
Program manager Brian Neal, organizer
Digital photo by V.M. Oliver-Lawson

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The lobby of the State Office Building in Baltimore, 201 W. Preston Street, was transformed into a showcase of talent by local authors as the Maryland State Department of Human Resources (DHR) held another Literary and Literacy Exchange on Wednesday, August 27, 2014.

The authors displayed their individual works of literary art and had an opportunity to share their passions as they spoke of writing and their books. There was also a chance to network, bond and fellowship with each other as employees used their lunch hours to examine the literary wares on hand from 10am-3pm.

A keynote speaker spoke of the importance of literacy in combating welfare dependency, low self-esteem and low-paying employment. She also spoke of literacy including reading and writing and being the base of a pyramid upon which everything else rests.

The event, organized by program manager, Brian Neal, also featured jazz guitarist Kenny Wright. The authors included: Jerome Redd, Jimi Fardan, Danielle J. Hall, Cherrie Amour, Angela Davis, Blaque Diamond, Dr. Dana Neal, Tammy Drayton, Cheryle Ricks, Avalon Sequoia Brandt, Dr. Anita Naves, James Merritt, Odessa Rose, and Mildred Stokes. Wanda Jones was also on hand selling miscellaneous giftware under the business name Thinks and Things.

Neal had previously presented an initial literary exchange event in May at the central office location of DHR and decided to offer it on a larger scale to other state employees.

The Maryland State Department of Human Resources is noted for providing assistance to families with dependent children. Their website is

With the success of this Literary and Literacy Exchange event, Mr. Neal indicated he just cannot wait to begin planning the next one. He can be reached at 410-767-8975.