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Baltimore County author's book shares dreams of a make-believe land of Utopia

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In her book, Oh My Goodness! Carole Spera creates a magical atmosphere, inspired by her five-year old granddaughter.

Nede is described in the story as 'a very different kind of place.' It is a world where children can swim with multicolored fish and sing songs with yellow and purple butterflies.

What makes Nede such an incredible place? Is it the grand and majestic trees, the countless and brilliant stars in the sky? No, as lovely as these are, the most amazing element in the land of Nede is the fact that mothers tell their daughters that they are special and the bond between parent and child is an example of a deep and perfect love.

Oh My Goodness! is the author's first book. She selected this title because it was the first sentence used by her granddaughter.

This is a delightful and charming tale to share with children. The idea of such an incredible place offers an opportunity for discussion with school-aged youngsters.

To order a copy of Oh My Goodness! visit Authorhouse. You can contact Carole Spera at her email address.