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Baltimore book review: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

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Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood


How can one summarize a book with such an intricate plot? It follows the story of Snowman, whose real name is Jimmy. He lives in a post apocalyptic world and is taking care of a group of new human beings. Beings that were created by Crake and taught by Oryx. The novel reads like a puzzle, each piece separate but fitting together until the unexpected cliffhanger ending.

Margarete Atwood took six years to write the sequel. Can you imagine being one of the people who read this and had to wait for the second to come out? Yikes!

Oryx and Crake are two characters in this book, that Snowman(Jimmy) had a close relationship with. Oryx was one of Jimmy’s many lovers, and Crake was his best friend. The book was intriguing in that to get to the meat of the story you had to experience life through Jimmy’s spotted and muddled memories, but also you got glimpses of what was going on in his present life also. The book was based off of things that happen in the future and yet, they are not things that are very hard to imagine happening in our day.

This book is vivid, colorful, and imaginative. The symbolic references and themes are unending and there is a lot to reflect back on.

What is great about the book: It was fun to read. To imagine a world like the one Jimmy was living in, and the one Snowman lived in. The names of the compounds were unique and creative. AnooYoo, for example, is a place that catered to making people feel and look younger. The animal splices were fantastic, such as the rakunk. Half raccoon, half skunk were pets that seemed like a fun animal to have.

What is not so great about the book: The only gripe there seems to be is the way the it is frustrating at times because it seemed as if we would finally get to a great climactic point and then we’d suddenly be back in the now. But that sort of made it fun, also.

Who should read this book? If you are into futuristic books, and post apocalyptic books, this is a must read.