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Baltimore Book Review: Looking For Alaska by John Green


Looking for Alaska by John Green


Looking for Alaska is about a guy named Miles “Pudge” Halter. He is living a very boring uneventful life in Florida and he wants to change that. He decides to follow his dads own footsteps and go to the same boarding school he went into in search of the “Great Perhaps”. He finds his life completely and irrevocably changed after meeting a few students, especially a girl named Alaska.

This book is a fun and heartbreaking coming-of-age story. "Pudge" finds himself contemplating the deep and powerful questions that life, love, and the loss of someone important can bring. The insight he extracted from his religious studies seems to help him along the way of realizing that no matter how much you might want something, you can't force someone else to want it.

What was good about Looking For Alaska: The spiritual battle Pudge goes through, he was insightful and wise beyond his years at some parts. The relationships in the book are fantastic, and also very real. John Green doesn’t forget the trials, antics, theatrics, and the invincibility that teenagers feel and go through. There is an outrageously funny awkward sexual encounter that will have you rolling.

What is not so great about Looking For Alaska: Perhaps John Green gives too much credit to the young and their amount of wisdom. Pudge at times, reads like a college graduate rather than a innocent and haphazard teenager. Does Pudge do stupid and reckless things? Yes. Does he learn from those things? Yes. Would a typical 16-17 year old philosophize over the things they did? Not really.

Overall, if you enjoy heart-wrenching coming of age tales, Looking For Alaska is a book you should definitely pick up.

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Baltimore residents can find their copies here.

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