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Balancing Acupuncture can help bridge mind, body & spirit for myriad of ailments

Acupuncture treats more than just pain
Acupuncture treats more than just pain
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I must confess, I was an acupuncture skeptic. Sure, I have heard a lot about the benefits that acupuncture can provide for pain management. But I was still skeptical; I had always relied on traditional western medicine for what ailed me. Not to mention that I was a bit freaked out by the thought of all those needles. But a recent bout with back pain altered my thinking completely, all thanks to Balancing Acupuncture.

Opened in December of 2009, Balancing Acupuncture has been providing care to countless patients seeking an alternative to traditional western medicine, or to improve the body’s natural healing properties by adding acupuncture. Bonnie Cashwell, the acupuncturist at the helm of Balancing Acupuncture, brings her years of experience to Denverites seeking relief from a myriad of medical conditions. From addiction to emotional distress, from fatigue to PMS, acupuncture can help the body open its own natural channels to wellness by a practice developed by the Chinese centuries ago.

“My intent is to improve the health, both physical and emotional, as well as the quality of life of the patients receiving care from me,” says Bonnie. “It’s a team effort!”

From the moment I met Bonnie, I felt completely at ease. Her confidence that she would be able to help me was contagious, and before I knew it my needle-phobia was gone and I was on her table. The needles went in (I can’t say how many, because I didn’t feel a single one being inserted) and a couple of sprays of a Chinese herb called Moxa, coupled with a heat lamp on my back, and I was left to relax while my body did its work. After about an hour, the pain I was experiencing seemed to vanish. My skepticism about acupuncture was gone.

For more than 3000 years Acupuncture has been used as a non-invasive treatment for a myriad of health issues. Here in the 21st century, the practice has evolved into a complete system of holistic health care; helping millions of individuals to get well and stay well. Acupuncture’s promotion of the body’s own natural healing has been proven to progress the recipient’s recuperative powers and build immunity. It can also help support physical and emotional health, improve overall body function, and enhance a body’s own natural feeling of well being.

The practice has also been utilized extensively for the care and treatment of HIV/AIDS patients. In recent years, a number of studies have reported on to importance of the mind/body/spirit connection when fighting off any disease. HIV/AIDS are no exception, and acupuncture has been proven to be markedly effective when used in conjunction with western medicine therapies. Not a cure, but an asset in the arsenal fighting the disease. While no two cases are alike, it is important to get the advice of a healthcare professional to confirm if such a therapy regiment is best for you. Bonnie Cashwell is an excellent resource.

A practitioner since 1996, Ms. Cashwell received her Master of Science and Oriental Medicine degree from Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe, NM. She is certified as a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine which includes Foundations in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture with Point Location, Herbology and Biomedicine. Additionally, this degree allows her to practice Qi Gong (the practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation), Auricular Acupuncture, Tui Na (a hands-on body treatment that uses Chinese Taoist principles in an attempt to bring into balance the eight principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Acupressure, Moxibustion (a traditional Chinese medicine therapy using moxa, or mugwort herb), as well as Dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Ms. Cashwell also holds a Bachelors of Science degree.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are both safe and effective therapies, with the added bonus of being drug free as well. As mentioned previously, the scope of the common health issues it can address is vast, and questions should be addressed to a professional in the science. Ms. Cashwell is just such a professional who can help determine if the treatment might be beneficial to you for your specific ailment.

Balance Acupuncture is located in the Consulate building at 750 E. 9th Avenue. For more information, contact Balancing Acupuncture at (720) 545-4223, or on the web at Your body will be grateful you did!