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Bai Exotic Antioxidant Drink Review

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Bai Infusion Drink


I was first introduced to this antioxidant infusion drink while visiting a relative at the hospital. After reading the label, I decided to give this drink a try. I was completely surprised by the taste. It was extremely delicious so much so that I had to read the label again. The ingredients was simple with filtered spring water, pear juice concentrate, coffeefruit extract, and natural flavors. The secret to Bai Infusion drink, is the antioxidant coffeefruit. This super fruit wonder is infused with over 400mg of the outer berry of the coffee bean. The bean is one of the most powerful antioxidant super fruits on the market.

According to the USDA, the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) for coffee fruit is 3000 ORAC units per gram compared to blueberries at 24 and pomegranates at 65. Antioxidants are substances or nutrients present in our food supply which can prevent or slow down the oxidative effects in our body. Health problems like cancer or heart disease have all contributed to the oxidative damage.

The Bai Infusion drink, is sweetened with organic stevia and it uses vegetable juice for its color. This drink delivers a fresh, crisp taste with only five calories. You can find some of the most exotic flavors in Bai drinks from Mango Kauai, Costa Rica Clementine, Jamaica Blueberry, Kenya Peach, Sumatra Dragonfruit, Congo Pear, and Tanzania Strawberry just to name a few. This drink is packed with goodness for your health and taste without the calories. It is a great alternative to soda. You can find this drink at most Whole Foods stores or healthfood stores across the country. You can also order directly on there website at I absolutely love this drink and I can feel the healthy dose of energy everytime I drink it. I suggest you give Bai Antioxidant Infusion drink a try you will be amazed by the taste.