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Badly designed gimmicky THC free Cannabis Energy Drink

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Cannabis Energy drink


There is only one legal marajuana energy drink in this country, put out by Keef Cola, a great company who'se energy drink contains a full supply of vitamin C, no alcohol, electrolytes and a good deal of THC along with your caffeine dosage too. Unfortuantely, my work at the Giant Corporate Machine forbids me from sipping it even though I live in Colorado until the Feds change their minds too. The closest I can come is Cannabis Energy drink, a THC free energy drink made in Amsterdam and found by a medical-card-carrying friend at his local medical marijuana dispensary.

This is one of many pot-themed energy drinks i have come across, and for being found in a MJ shop, it set my friend back quite a few dollars as well. There is no such thing as a bargain found at at a medical marijuana dispensary - especially with a drink imported from Europe. If you want to find a less expensive hemp infused energy drink, The hypnotic chronic, Dank and Chillo are some other great hemp fueled drinks out there too. This is a drink from holland, but unfortunately was made in Austria - so the chances of this being a Bed Bull knock off are very...high.

Packaging: 2
I know they might have been stoned when making this package, but that is not an excuse for doing something so sloppily. This is one of the worst designed energy drink cans I have seen in a long time, forgoing any style or creativity in place of a gimmick product. It is a green can, with the name of the drink in Times New Roman, and an almost invisible darker green mirror image under it. When you have a product that is so niche as this one, the creative choices you have are endless. This looks like the type of thing you would see on the shelves or Repo Man - a green generic brand energy drink. There is no other copy or slogans or logos anywhere, just the name of the drink with "Hemp Energy Beverage" written underneath. The one saving grace is that they do list the caffeine content on the side or the can, which I think is a rule in many European countries.

This is the first of the pot themed energy drinks where there was absolutely no help flavor to it. This is about the most generic and exacting Red Bull clone i have had in a while, having every last note of Red Bulls lightly sweet flavor. If you like the flavor of Red Bull then you will like this one - plain and simple.

Much like the Red Bull flavor, this has a Red Bull's amount of energy in it too. Along with the 80mg of caffeine in here, there is the standard vitamin B, taurine, inositol and glucurolactone combpo that we have all grown up with in the hundreds of Red Bull clones that have been released to market.

Really, that is the only point to this drink - a silly niche market trying to cash in on the pot theme by adding a little hemp seed oil into your product. THe problem is that you want so much more than that - something that can really stand out and proclaim to the world that you are a pot lover. This one whispers it quietly to a darkened room.