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‘Bad Teacher’ Recap: ‘Pilot’ first day of school


Bad Teacher


Former trophy wife and eternal gold-digger Meredith Davis poses as a teacher at an elite elementary school hoping to snag a wealthy single dad for her next husband. But the only thing she snags is the suspicion of faculty members, namely Ms. Taylor (Kirsten Davis) when her teaching methods come into question. Sara Gilbert plays Irene, a teacher who never outgrew her nerdy adolescent years and immediately worships the ground Meredith walks on. Principal Carl (David Alan Grier) is such emotional wreck over everything its hard to imagine him being focused where need be.

For starters, Meredith charges her students $25 for class dues and passes out cards for the kiddies to fill out important information like whether or not their parents are divorced and how many garages do they have at home. Meredith hosts a “career day” in her class in order to meet rich dads and flirt away her best assets.

When a wealthy single father invites her to come spend some time at his beach house Meredith is suddenly faced with making a difficult choice, but ultimately proves although she may be a gold-digger she also has a heart of gold. A group of popular girls kick the geeky girls out of the cafeteria and instead of running off with possible husband number two, Meredith stays behind to teach the meek how to stand up to the mean.

The school coach, who knows Meredith from back in the day, sticks by her side to tease and remind her of who she is. Although Meredith is determined to keep her goals lofty, she does have a moment (or two) of weakness with the coach. Will Meredith ever learn that love is not based on status and bank? Maybe, but it may take a minute for this bad teacher to learn a few lessons on her own.

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