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Bacardi Mango fusion event in the Design District wows

bacardi mango fusion


Friday night, the Bacardi Family introduced Mango Fusion to Miami at a special event at the Moore Building in Miami's Design District. Miami was the last of five locations (NY, LA, Chicago, Philly, Miami) to host the Bacardi Fusion Lounge, a place where people could try the drink, #repyourflavor with pics on social media, enjoy artistry, music and generate talk about the great new taste of Mango Fusion (a fusion of orange and mango flavors with Bacardi rum). Exotic fruits such as pineapple and coconut are part of Bacardi's family of flavored rums so the addition of Mango Fusion looks to be a big hit. All throughout the event, the union of the new flavor combined well with the young professionals who were attending. These professionals were dressed in style with many sporting a dressy ensemble accentuated by sneakers. The confidence and personalities on display Friday show the identity of Miami as being a leader in progressive thinking and business. The location in the Design District, an artist enclave that rivals Miami Beach for a top nightlife spot, was also a great choice to launch the new flavor. Specialty drinks were served that highlighted the taste of mango fusion with basketball related themes--The Sneakerhead (ginger beer, bitters, lime wedge), 3-pointer (Coconut rum, splash of grenadine), Alley-Oop (sweet and sour mix).

Bacardi Mango Fusion projected onto installation "Elastika" by Iraqi born, London based architect, Zaha Hadid
Eric L Labrador, mobile phone

The World Famous exhibit of the Sneaker Pimps was at the event also displaying their impressive collection of sneakers with a wide variety of colors and textures. There was a section dedicated to Lebron James, one with vintage Air Jordan sneakers from 1985 and they also created authentic Mango Fusion sneakers with python leather exterior and lambskin for the inner lining. West coast artist Mister Cartoon had a display of his talented tattoo artistry and contributed a painting which was the logo of the night (see slideshow). Tattoo artistry, sneaker design creativity were highlighted with the mango fusion launch as an expression by those inclined of their personalities. Walking up the open mouth of the wooden staircase to the second floor, there was a lounge area where people could sit and listen to stories of NBA players (by Dime Ink magazine) of the tattoos on their bodies, the significance of them and first time stories. Bacardi girls were walking around engaging everyone with beautiful smiles and bright personalities, taking pictures to post on social media with tattoos added by the girls to follow with the theme of the night.