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Baby, Meet D-Link’s WiFi Day/Night HD Baby Camera with Remote Monitoring

PBaby, meet peace of mind with D-Link’s WiFi Day/Night HD Baby Camera with Remote Monitoring

D-Link’s WiFi Day/Night HD Baby Camera with Remote Monitoring (DCS-825L)


Babies get all the good stuff. Let me explain. I’ve a security camera in my home that lets me see what is there through WiFi and remotely. And it didn’t come cheap either. But D-Link’s WiFi Day/Night HD Baby Camera with Remote Monitoring (DCS-825L) is so much better it’s not funny — except maybe to the baby due to its soft and comforting egg-like shape.

For $179.99 (retail), baby not only gets monitored day and night — thanks to a highly efficient night-vision technology that provides a bxw image that easily travels 10 feet — but adds more “bells and whistles” than what my non-HD camera does: that’s right, the Day/Night HD resolves high-resolution video at 720p. Yeah it does HD AND has a microphone for listening to what sounds there are. Plus you can talk from it too. That’s all good for baby, but imagine if you’re using it to monitor your front door from inside and hear the door open (not to mention see who’s coming in utilizing the 4X digital zoom), you can shout “GET THE H%$*& OUT” and maybe scare them away. Let’s add to that its design makes it less likely to be noticed as being a “camera” and more as a toy in a kid’s room.

Of course some of what you get with the DCS-825L is specifically tailored for the baby: there’s a ring in the front that can be interchanged from blue to pink depending on the child’s sex if you want, and you can even play some soothing lullabies to help him/her fall asleep. Hey, they’re pleasant enough to calm me after a hard day! Or the dog, who can also benefit from the built-in temperature sensor for knowing what it’s like inside.

The free app on your smartphone interlinks with the DCS-825L, which wirelessly connects to your home network through built-in WiFi. It can receive alerts (like from the temperature sensor) or be used for watching what is going on. Or for taking a picture or recording a video (there’s a micro-SD slot to do local recordings). Motion and sound sensors can be configured to trigger actions — that’s similar to what my security camera can do, but it’s easier to set up on the DCS-825L (no doubt as all actions performed are easier in general since the camera is designed to be used with babies). I should also mention that a web browser can be used for viewing, and that there’s no subscription charges for accessing the camera, with the D-Link server’s help.

D-Link provides everything needed, which includes mounting equipment should you not want to just be putting the camera on a stand. Overall, it’s one lucky baby who gets the D-Link WiFi Day/Night HD Baby Camera with Remote Monitoring, but even those without a child will find this a quality, feature-packed security camera to have and use.