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Avoid the dangers of chemicals from plastics by using EcoJarz products

EcoJarz products


Like it or not, plastics are everywhere. In eating and drinking containers, straws, utensils and takeout containers. They have devastated our oceans, caused massive death of native wildlife and created mysterious health issues for the human population that are still under investigation. In addition, plastics are generally treated as disposable items, not used more often than a few times. This adds to the amount of trash produced. A move toward requiring not only the reduced manufacturing of new items, but also the reusability of new ones is on the rise. This is where a company like EcoJarz is making a difference.

EcoJarz Tea Infuser
Christina Eckhart

I love mason jars. Any project requiring a mason jar is likely one that I will try at least once. I have tons of them because I can my fruits and vegetables to preserve them. They can be found used and priced very reasonably at yard sales, thrift stores and often estate sales as well. If necessary, they can also be purchased new, but at a much higher cost at your local grocery store. So, when I found EcoJarz, I was really excited because now my jars have even more ability to be used every day.

With a simple addition of either a stainless or silicone lid, the jars are transformed into travel mugs. I’ve tried and loved EcoJarz products in the past. They’ve now introduced a few new items to their product line that I’ve had the opportunity to try. An important aspect about about the jar bands to note: "Ecojarz has created a more durable, corrosion resistant jar band. Made of 304 grade stainless steel, our new bands are more attractive with no maintenance, and far stronger than common canning jar bands." -EcoJarz

#1: Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Basket

This little basket fits perfectly in a mug of hot water to brew your favorite loose leaf tea perfectly. With the little hook and chain, the basket hangs conveniently from the mug’s handle, or the hole in an EcoJarz lid, for easy removal when brewing is complete. The top is hinged for easy filling of tea and cleaning afterwards. There is a secure clip which holds the lid to the basket and no tea leaves were able to escape.

#2: 24oz Pint And A Half Jar With Drinktop

This large, wide mouth, straight-sided mason jar has lots of potential. It’s really great for a smoothie, cold morning coffee, an Arnold Palmer or even a parfait. EcoJarz offers long handled spoons and glass straws to accommodate this size jar, should you prefer to eat from it. I really like the fact that the glass is thick and durable. With the addition of an EcoJarz lid this awesome cup becomes the perfect travel companion. My personal experience with this jar is that hot liquids are too hot through the glass for me to be able to hold it and drink from it. I think it would be a cool idea if EcoJarz would engineer some type of silicone sleeve, like the lids for the jars to protect fingers from the hot liquid inside. Note: I like the wide mouth and the regular mouth jars equally. The main benefit I see to the wide mouth jar is that pouring a smoothie or milkshake into it might be easier due to the wider opening.

#3: 16oz Mug With Drinktop

I love this mug for two reasons: it has a handle which keeps my fingers from feeling too cold or too hot; and I love the way my coconut milk creamer looks through the side of the mug when I pour it into my coffee. It’s the perfect size for my personal amount of morning coffee and easy to drink from while traveling. My boyfriend recently discovered that the silicone lids can be flipped upside down when drinking hot beverages, making them more comfortable to drink hot liquids from as the liquid cools slightly in the space between the hole in the lid and the lips.

#4: Stainless Steel and Glass Straws

Disposable straws are a thing of the past. Reusable straws are the eco-friendly option of today’s green-minded individuals. I really, really like to drink from glass. I feel that my drinks taste better than they do from plastic and I don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching from glass into my drinks the way they do from plastic. The benefit of the stainless steel straw over the glass straw is that it’s closer to the width of a regular plastic straw. The glass straw is still my favorite, though. Having thought of everything, EcoJarz even offers a reasonably priced straw cleaning brush that works quickly and easily to effectively clean the inside of the straw.

Ecojarz offers a one-stop spot to order all of the things you need to turn your mason jars into portable drink cups. I highly recommend the stainless steel straws, in addition to the lids as they are a superior option to reduce waste for a cleaner, healthier environment. These lids make a great gift for your favorite green lifestyler – and at reasonable prices there’s no reason to wait. Check out Ecojarz on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and share with your friends, today! Also, follow Ecojarz on Pinterest for great recipe ideas, giveaways and other green living ideas.

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