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Avoid Salt Lake Dreams

Salt Lake Dreams by Paige Winship Dooley


Salt Lake Dreams is another book from the “Romancing America” series and contains three historical novellas set in Utah by Paige Winship Dooley. Dr. Abigail Hayes has come west to live with her brother but encounters many dangers along the way. When her brother’s friend Jake Maverick finally finds her she is questioning why God would allow so many horrible things to happen. Will Jake be able to help “The Petticoat Doctor”?

Since her grandfather’s death Ellie Weathers has struggled to keep their resort open and is horrified to learn her grandfather spent all of his savings on a Carousel. This is the first carousel Bascom Anthony has built since the tragic death of his wife and son in fire. Will Bascom and Ellie fulfill her grandfather’s “Carousel Dreams”?

Archeologist Tabitha “Tab” Augustine has entered a contest with her father to find the first dinosaur bone in Utah. When people at the dig begin being threatened to leave Tab refuses to leave and Hunter Pierce agrees with her. Will they discover “The Greatest Find” before it is too late?

I thought this book was okay. The first two stories had interesting plots but dragged especially towards the end. “Find” was more interesting but it too dragged.

While the stories in each of the novellas are not connected there are several themes found in each one. Not judging others by their appearance is a main one, in each story there are characters both good and bad, who people assume are the opposite of what they are because of the way they appear on the outside. Coming to faith in Christ is another common theme, at the beginning of each of their stories Abigail, Ellie and Tab do not have any faith but through the circumstances they experience they come to faith.

On the whole, while the stories in this book are interesting on the surface they are not easy to read. I give it three out of five stars.

If there is a book you would like me to review please write it in the Comments.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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