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Ava Anderson Non-Toxic MakeUp and The MakeUp Eraser Pass the Test !

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic MakeUp, MakeUp Eraser


This examiner had the chance to try a couple of great products in tandem, since they complimented one another.

While this examiner did most of the testing in her private residence, she had the chance to road test the products, while attending an event in Oklahoma City over last weekend.

Two great ladies sent in products to be tested. The first of the products was a set of handpicked non-toxic makeup from Ava Anderson Non-Toxic.

The contributing representative was Nancy Brown-Mooney.

Nancy is one of the most passionate representatives I have met in awhile, and she is willing to help you find something from the Ava Anderson line that will work for you. (They have more than the makeup in their line.)

She believes in the product and company, and will be a great guidance in your selections especially when you are having a tough time figuring it out.

The second of the two products came from MakeUp Eraser. The contributing representative for this was Kerry Luster Burks.

She like Nancy, is passionate about the product, and is there to be your guidance along the way.

This examiner has to say, I really put this item to the test, in conjunction with the makeup mentioned, and it came out with flying colors.

It really can stand up to what you throw at it from the makeup world.

These products both from me come highly recommended, and with these ladies being your guidance you will never be steered in the wrong direction, they are great, and have the customer service skills to match.

This examiner wants to Thank both Nancy and Kerry for contributing to the blog of trying new things in 2014.

It is this examiner's hope you will go over and pay each of their pages a visit: Nancy at- and Kerry at:

If they inquire as to who sent you, let them know you heard about it from this review,and that Nannette Morrison referred you .

Once again, all the products did great in the testing that I put them through. I can highly recommend these products as great selections for personal use.

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