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Automotive Traveler's Classic Car is innovative, interesting and most impressive

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Automotive Traveler's Classic Car


Automotive Traveler’s Classic Car is a new and innovative magazine written by auto enthusiasts for auto enthusiasts. I say innovative for several reasons, one of which is how it is printed and distributed. Instead of printing thousands of copies for distribution on newsstands (remember newsstands?), it is published on demand (POD). This means you order the magazine on line, then it is printed and mailed out to the customer. The traditional magazine printing and distribution model creates a ton of waste, but by using POD, there is zero waste. I ordered my copy on Amazon and received it only two days later. Another note worthy feature is the use of QR codes in most of the articles. Hitting the QR code with your smart phone brings you to even more content related to the story you are reading, adding more photos, footnotes and even videos to create a truly interactive experience. The automotive magazine industry as seen a lot of changes in the last few years, and most of those changes have not been good. Many of the high quality titles are gone, and in many cases what is left are magazines that have condensed content from the remains discontinued titles managed by “content managers” instead of veteran, car enthusiast editors.

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The creator and editor of Automotive Traveler’s Classic Car, Richard Truesdell, is a life-long auto enthusiast and one of the most experienced and well respected automotive journalists and photographers in the automotive realm. His passion for cars comes through on every page of this magazine. Interesting, well researched stories on interesting cars are complemented with stunning photography in a creative layout, making it a pleasure to read and to look at. Focusing on the cars made from 1945 to 1990, there are articles about all types of cars. European sports cars, muscle cars, trucks, rare factory one-offs and automotive personalities are profiled, plus much more. The writing is scholarly, yet easy to read and entertaining. Automotive Traveler’s Classic Car has something for everyone. Highly recommend. Order on line from Amazon.