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Aukey T20 Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger: Charges Qi-Enabled Phones and Tablets

Aukey T20 Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger: Charges Qi-Enabled Phones and Tablets
Aukey T20 Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger: Charges Qi-Enabled Phones and Tablets

Aukey T20 Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger: Charges Qi-Enabled Phones and Tablets


Good things come in small packages and the Aukey T20 Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger is proof. A wireless charger is a device that will typically sit on top of your desk where it's easily accessible so the less space it takes up, the better. With a tiny footprint of only 2.75" x .41", the T20 takes up almost no space on your desk as it helps reduce cable clutter from charging devices.

Aukey T20 Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger: Charges Qi-Enabled Phones and Tablets

What's in the box

  • Aukey T20 Qi-Enabled Wireless Charging Pad
  • 2 x microUSB Cables: one 12" and the other about 4' in length
  • Printed User manual

I took the T20 charger out of the box and was immediately taken with the small size and disc shape. They describe it as coffee cup coaster size and it sits flat on the desk where it's not an easy target when Thumper decides to explore my desk as I work. A 14 pound cat can rearrange a lot of "toys" with very little effort at all. In addition to the small size and low profile of the T20, Aukey has added a ring of non-skid silicone material on the top and bottom of the charger. This keeps the phone or other device in position on the charger instead of constantly sliding off when Thumper gets too close. It's no surprise that devices charge faster when they remain undisturbed in the proper position on the charger. The ring on the bottom of the charger keeps it from sliding around or even off the top of the desk.

Using the Aukey T20 Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger requires that your device also be natively Qi-enabled, equipped with a Qi-compatible cover, or a Qi standard receiver (Check out Bravolink on Amazon for affordable Qi receivers) in order to connect to and charge your device wirelessly.

Aukey lists the following devices that will charge directly from the T20:

  • Nokia Lumia 1020/920/928
  • Google Nexus4,Nexus5,Nexus 7(2013)
  • Moto Droid Maxx, Droid Mini
  • LG D1L, LG LTE2, LG G2
  • Pentax WG-III camera
  • Blackberry Z30
  • HTC 8X (* Note: The UK version of the HTC 8X does not support QI wireless charging), HTC Droid DNA, HTC Rzound,HTC Incredible 4G LTE

Some devices that are known to work with a Qi-compatible receiver are:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3/S4/S3/Note 2
  • iPhone 5C/5S/5/4/4S
  • Nokia 925, Nokia 720, Nokia 820

Most compatible devices should charge when placed on the T20 but if your device has a protective case that is more than 5mm / 0.2" thick, it might prevent the charger from working and you may have to remove the case before charging. The exception to this seems to be the Nexus 4 Diztronic TPU Case which is compatible with the T20.

It is recommended that you use an AC adapter with a USB charging port of 2 Amps or more for optimal performance. I used the Amzdeal/Aukey 4 Port USB Charging Station which provides four 5V charging ports. Two ports are 1A and two ports are 2A. It allows you to connect 4 USB charging cables but takes up only 1 space on your power strip or wall outlet.

Aukey T20 Features

  • Antislip Design: The non-slip silicone material keeps your device on the charger and protects the T20 and your desktop from scratches while keeping the T20 from sliding around on the desk.
  • Compact and Portable: The T20 is a simple yet elegant design that takes up little space on your desk or in your laptop bag so you can take it with you to a meeting or when you travel..
  • Conserves Energy: A small Indicator Light on the front edge of the T20 shines red when you plug in the USB cable. When your device is correctly placed on the top of the T20, the light will turn to flashing green and charging will begin. When charging is complete or you remove the device from the charger, the T20 automatically goes into idle mode and the light goes to red again.
  • Fast and Safe Charging: The T20 charges smartphones quickly and safely with an intelligent system of Over-Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection and Constant Current Protection built-in.
  • Easy to Use: The T20 is easy to set up and even easier to use. Just place your Qi compatible device on top of the T20 to begin charging and remove the device when charging is complete. It's really that simple.

I tested the Aukey T20 with a variety of different devices including a smartphone, a Bluetooth Keyboard, and a handful of MP3 players. None of my devices are natively Qi compatible so I used a Qi Receiver from Bravolink to connect each to the T20. Everything charged quickly and efficiently except for the old DroidX phone which wouldn't work with a previous Qi charger either. I keep trying but the Droid seems to be just too old to take advantage of this new cutting edge technology.

Probably the most surprising thing about the Aukey T20 is the price. You can find it on Amazon in either black or white for the amazing price of only $19.99 with free shipping on orders over $35. The Amzdeal/Aukey 4 port USB Charging Station is also available on Amazon for only $13.99. All the Amzdeal and Aukey branded products that I've received for review have come beautifully packaged and suitable to be given as gifts.

Product Specification:

  • Product Model: Aukey T20
  • Input: DC 5V / 1.5A
  • Output: DC 5V / 1000mAh
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black / White
  • Weight: 40g
  • Certificate: CE/ FCC/ RoHS
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