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Aukey Desktop/Bed 3D Clamp Mount Stand: Flexible comfort for your iPad

Aukey Desktop/Bed 3D Clamp Mount Stand: Flexible comfort for your iPad
Aukey Desktop/Bed 3D Clamp Mount Stand: Flexible comfort for your iPad

Aukey Desktop/Bed 3D Clamp Mount Stand


After a long stressful day at work or ferrying the kids around to their after school activities, you probably look forward to kicking back in your recliner with a cold drink and your iPad. The Aukey iPad Stand will hold your iPad in a comfortable and secure viewing position on your desktop, bedside table or even a bookcase beside your favorite recliner. It's the perfect accessory for your iPad.

Aukey Desktop/Bed 3D Clamp Mount Stand: Flexible comfort for your iPad

The Aukey iPad Stand comes in 3 different sizes to fit the iPad 2/3/4, the iPad Air, and the iPad Mini 1/2. The package includes:

  • 1 flexible steel arm about 22" long
  • 1 stand/holder for the iPad model selected
  • 4 cable management clips to secure your charging cable to the steel arm
  • 1 two-way mounting clamp: attaches the arm vertically or horizontally
  • 1 washer
  • Instruction Manual

Assembly of the stand is quick and easy. The instruction manual provides written instructions with pictures showing exactly how to connect the pieces and mount the stand. The 3-point holder for the tablet has 2 small cups to secure the bottom corners and a single tab at the top that snaps onto the top edge of the iPad. You will need to remove the iPad from its case before installing it in the stand.

The flexible steel arm has a ball on one end that is inserted into the back of the iPad holder and secured with a collar piece that tightens the assembly around the ball to hold it in place. The ball allows the iPad holder to swivel around in just about every direction to achieve the optimum viewing position.

The 2-way mounting clamp has silicone pads that protect your furniture from being scratched when the clamp is tightened. The clamp can be opened to a maximum span of 1.57" to attach to a table, bookcase or other stable mounting surface. The flexible steel arm may be attached to a mounting hole on the top of the clamp or a hole on the front. The manual suggests the best use for each mounting hole. No drilling, tools or additional hardware is required to assemble the stand.

The Aukey Desktop iPad Stand can be mounted on your desktop, coffee table, end table, bookcase or just about any solid, stable surface where you want to use your iPad. Use it to mount your iPad beside your bed for listening to music or watching movies. It can also be mounted to your Mac to be a secondary touch screen beside the computer. Aukey's website suggests standing up to use the stand with DJ and music apps or launching a racing game and then use the stand as a fixed steering wheel. You can even attach the stand to a lectern while you give a presentation or teach a class.

My favorite use for the iPad stand is for viewing cooking apps and recipes in the kitchen and How To videos for repairs around the house. The stand holds the iPad for hands-free use so you can follow the instructions on the screen. It also keeps the iPad up out of the way of splashes and spilled baking ingredients that are inevitable in the kitchen.

Mounting the stand beside the bed places your games, weather app, email, e-books and clock functions within easy reach. Instead of having a digital clock disturbing your sleep each night, use your iPad clock. Just tap the button to wake up the tablet to view the time and then tap again to let it go dark again. I sleep much better without all those lights from electronics shining in the room.

The holder for the iPad may seem lightweight in comparison to the steel arm and clamp, but you don't need it to be thicker or heavier to serve its purpose. It's fine just the way it is and holds the iPad without adding any unnecessary weight. When you attach the arm to the clamp assembly with the included washer, it screws into the hole tightly but it does have the tendency to loosen slightly when you pull the arm into the correct position for use. Just take a second to give it an extra turn to tighten it again before you sit down to work.

I've used other gooseneck stands before but every one of them would eventually drop lower and lower under the weight supported by the arm until they had to be dragged back into position again. The Aukey stand is solidly made and stays where you put it. The steel arm is flexible but requires a bit of effort to position it the way you want it. Once the position is set, it won't move even if you bump it with your elbow or a certain 14 lb. orange cat decides to rub on it.

My review unit is the Aukey Desktop/Bed 3D Clamp Mounting Stand for the iPad Mini. This is certainly the most useful iPad accessory I've had the pleasure of reviewing. There are so many different ways that it will enhance the way you use the iPad in your own life and I'm sure you can come up with some new uses when you've had it a while. I particularly like how easy it is to move from one place to another with no permanent commitments. The stand is made of quality materials with a lot of attention to detail to provide trouble-free use for years to come. It arrives nicely packaged in a box suitable for gift giving and I imagine just about anyone with an iPad would be thrilled to receive an Aukey iPad Stand as a gift.

The Aukey Desktop/Bed 3D Clamp Mount Stand has a list price of about $80 but is available on Amazon for the very affordable price of only $35.99 with free shipping. It is sold by Aukey and your order will be fulfilled by Amazon. The price is the same regardless of the model you select.
Visit Aukey online to check out more of their high quality and innovative new products.

Product Specification:

  • Arm material: Steel
  • iPad Compatibility: iPad 2/3/4 /Mini 1/2 /Air
  • Length of arm: about 22" (55cm)
  • Maximum thickness of clamp: 1.6" (4cm)
  • Package size: 11.2" x 10.04" x 2.56" (28.5 * 25.5 * 6.5cm)
  • Package weight: 2.4 lb. (1084g)
  • 24-hour email customer support
  • Warranty: The manual says 12 Months but that is a printing error. This product has an 18 month warranty.
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