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August 2014 Loot

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Loot Crate's August 2014 subscription box


So for the last two Loot Crates we had a two part theme. July we got the sweet Villain loot and this month we got some even sweeter Hero swag with a heavy focus on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie with both a set of sunglasses and a TMNT figure. We also got the limited edition POP figure from the Guardians of the Galaxy line. Still over all the crate felt more like something I would have picked up for one of my young nephews for a present instead of for an adult gamer. Going to have to give this one a low rating only two-stars.

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As for the teasing of next month's crate it seems that the Star Wars geek in me is going to get a treat.

"This month we blast off with GALACTIC! September's crate brings 3 licensed exclusive collectibles (one is a Funko Mystery Mini!) and includes items from Firefly, Star Wars, & Star Trek with plenty of other surprises in store!"

Yup, looks like we are going to get a Funko Mystery Mini. Still Firefly, Star Wars, and Star Trek... oh my! The mega crate this month will include a copy of Mal's gun, an Artoo Detoo, a Borg cube mini-fridge, a Hero 3 go-pro camera, and a Serenity ship. Yup, I totally want to get that crate.