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Audion debuts Subverticul at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles

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Aside from releasing a string of releases that maintain a rare balance between visual and audio design, Audion has been something of an enigma since 2004. He is better known under his pop-music moniker Matthew Dear but is now shifting his focus to his techno-minimalist project. To follow the critical acclaim of his recent album "X", Audion debuted "Subverticul", his audio-visual tour this past Saturday - and Audion and Matthew Dear fans alike could not be more pleased with the unveiling.

Before the curtain was fully open Audion was already laying on a thick sub-bass roar that could alter your blood pressure through teeth chattering frequency alone. Revealing a massive tetrahedron-like structure between two triangles, he took to his multi-colored throne like the leader of a secret cult. The daunting structure encased Audion and his set-up, adding to the mystery of his music hardware of choice.

Visual projections lit the structures with increasingly mind-altering displays, seemingly ripped from an acid-head's best trips, which was perfect to complement the acid house squelch permeating many of his tracks. His musical structure and visuals play off one another perfectly and blur the senses, much like his past album covers.

Staying true to his avant-garde style are a musical attack and release that is almost too intuitive for a standard dance music fan. Rather than bore the audience with predictable drops, he lulls you into a tantalizingly unfamiliar cadence through frequency manipulation and delayed time signatures. He weaves his soundscapes like art with a look on his face that can only be described as post-coital satisfaction. His music is raw, untapered emotion and he is the conductor of that feeling.

All things considered, Audion's music packs that bass punch to satisfy the average fan with enough intricate detail to appease the pretentious audiophile. His visual set-up is daunting and will fit perfectly in a festival setting. At times his electronic riffs may seem a little jarring but this is where a rare patience must be exercised among those looking simply to party and fist pump. It was a successful debut that is sure to challenge performance norms.