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"Attack on Titan" dub does not disappoint

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"Attack on Titan" English dub, episodes 1-3


After having seen the first three episodes of anime mega-hit "Attack on Titan" with its English dub, it is clear that fans will not be disappointed.

FUNImation Entertainment premiered the dub on Saturday at Anime Boston, and judging from the audience reaction (who would sing along to the theme song "Guren no Yumima" by Linked Horizon at the start of each episode) the dub of the series was a big hit.

If you're not familiar with the series, "Attack on Titan" tells the story of a civilization that is the last remaining humans on Earth after being attacked by human-looking giants called Titans. After 100 years, the Titans are able to breach the wall and attack the humans again. Eren Yeager and his friends Mikasa and Armin join the ranks of the military forces to fight the Titans, but one of them turns out to have a secret of their own that can either be their greatest weapon or their biggest hinderance.

Actors Bryce Pappenbrook (Eren), Trina Nishimura (Misaka), and Josh Grelle (Armin) were able to capture the spirit of all three of the main leads, showing that they can command the spirit of the original Japanese voices. Pappenbrook managed to capture the defiant and strong willed spirit of Eren in his interpretation, while Nishimura presented a Mikasa that was not to be messed with. Grelle's interpretation of Armin is one that would be expected of the character -- a kid who's not as strong as his friends, but is loyal and has his own strengths that are vital to the crew.

Although no English dub script can perfectly translate word for word the original product and do it justice, the script for "Attack on Titan" is close to capturing the spirit of the original show. The lighter moments in the script seem to be more "pumped up" in this translation (such as a scene in the first episode involving Armin and some bullies), but it doesn't distract from the rest of the production.

Overall, with this dub, "Attack on Titan" will become an even bigger hit and satisfy fans of the show.

The show will be released on DVD June 3 in three editions, with a Collector's Edition being available exclusively through the FUNImation store online.