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Atlantica restaurant at the Allegria- A Friday night Seafood Buffet to remember

The Atlantica Dining Room at the Allegria
The Atlantica Dining Room at the Allegria
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Atlantica -Seafood Friday night- Among the best buffets we have ever experienced


The Seafood buffet at the Atlantica restaurant is simply sensational! Oysters, clams, shrimp, caviar, sushi, lobster, King crab legs, seafood tacos, unlimited champagne, mimosas, and free valet parking are all available on this friday night special. Although we had recently enjoyed lunch at the allegria in recent weeks, we both were looking forward to the very special seafood buffet at the Atlantica restaurant.

We visited the allegria on a friday night in early april 2014, and found the hotel busy, beautiful and welcoming. We took the elevator to the Atlantica restaurant and were amazed at the transformation of the dining room into an elaborate buffet with separate sections for fresh oysters, clams, and caviar and a larger section with stations for seafood tacos, lobsters, crablegs, sushi, and assorted displays of potatos, vegetables and steak. We quickly went to our table where we had an amazing view of the atlantic ocean and boardwalk, as well as a prime location in the gorgeous dining room. The atmosphere was elegant and exciting with giant hand blown oyster shaped lighting fixtures brightly illuminating the dining room.

The temptation at this type of buffet is to stack your plate with 6 or 7 different dishes one time. The reality is, that we started out with a plate of clams, oysters, shrimp and caviar. We then systematically "attacked" the stacks of lobster, king crab legs, and sushi. The sushi display alone was worth the "price of admission" There were tuna rolls, salmon rolls, eel rolls, sashimi, california rolls, plates of ginger, wasabi and soy sauce all beautifully displayed on ice. This was one buffet where the "hits" just kept coming! There were unlimited lobsters and crablegs to go with our mimosa's and champagne.

There were also fabulous salad displays with assorted lettuces, tomatoes, cheeses, and croutons. For good measure we tried the sliced steak and the fish tacos. Absolutely delicious! At the buffet most of the dishes were on a self service basis, but our waiters filled our glasses, kept the tables clean.and served our desserts.

The highly professional, beautifully dressed wait staff and excellent managers, made our meal a complete joy, We stayed in the dining room for approximately 2-1/2 hours, eating, people watching and enjoying the spectacular sunset over the Atlantic ocean.

We finished our neptunian feast with iced capuccino, and assorted sorbets.

The Atlantica Seafood Buffet was a visual and taste treat and certainly one of the best we have experienced.

Highly recommended, make reservations as this is fast becoming a long island favorite!

Congratulations to GM Nasser Samman, the chef, and wait staff at Atlantica

Atlantica restaurant at the Allegria Hotel 80 West Broadway, Long Beach, N.Y. 11561 tel: 516-889-1300