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Atlanta VA: Exposed

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Atlanta VA Medical Center


For some time now the veteran community has complained regarding services, or lack thereof, offered by VA Medical Centers. In particular there have been a number of incidents and investigations regarding the Atlanta VA Medical Center. (WSBTV has covered a number of them.). It is disheartening for someone to lose their life under preventable circumstances. Yet while the VA attempts to work their way out of this murky mess, let us not forget the VA provides services greatly needed, appreciated, and beneficial for the veteran community.

There are a total of 774,464 veterans living throughout Georgia. The Atlanta VA Medical Center services the Northeast Georgia. Currently they have approximately 130,000 veterans enrolled for their services. The Atlanta VA Medical Center has expanded services into local areas to better serve veterans. The Atlanta VA Medical Center is comprised several community-based outpatient clinics including locations in East Point and Stockbridge. For the most part, the Atlanta VA has compassionate, experienced, and well intended employees who strive to serve the veteran community. Yes, services could use some expansion. However, for the magnitude of individuals they serve on a daily basis; combined with the specific health complications involving each person, the Atlanta VA is doing a good job.