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Atlanta based jean company PZI Jeans releases 2014 collection that is sure to be

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During the Grammy Week 2014, staying fashionable and rocking the latest trends is a must and a celebrity blogger could not get caught slipping. While compositing my outfits for events including Diddy’s party and Pandora’s Grammy after party I received a shipment from PZI Jeans. Though I am not a jean wearer, I occasionally rock a jean that fits my infinite curves perfectly. When I first put my eyes on the acid wash fuchsia jeans I cringed at what to wear with this jewel. From a simple pink to a turquoise button up, the jeans added that flavor needed to rock the current 80s themed looked.

Now a bit part of how I can tell I found a great fashion find is based on the response I get from fellow fashionista friends. When I walked into Christina Milan’s beauty parlor event, my good friend Christina complimented how cute I looked. With a touch of a simple H&M t-shirt and MAC Herione lipstick this look was pulled off and I was comfortable. My curves or lack there off was exaggerated and I am sure 99.9% of today’s woman want this look. I was able to sit and stand and walk and drink wine, never having to re-adjust my pants once. PZI Jeans has been around from sometime and I can admit to have given them a few hundred dollars in my time. I can imagine continuing to be a customer if they keep hugging my curves better than my boyfriend on a winter night. PZI Jeans are not cheap by far in price or quality, well worth every penny and should be considered a premium jean designer. Pricing beginning at $79.00, great for anybody’s budget. About PZI Jeans PZI Jeans are available in sizes 4 - 18 and caters to short, regular, long AND extra long legs. Can you believe it?!! Someone really took the time to pay attention to women’s bodies.

The Atlanta-based company is re-shaping the denim world through its innovative fit, great quality and continual search for new fabrications and finishes. PZI Jeans is designed to fit the woman with curves who struggle to find denim to fit her streamlined waist, fuller hips and curvy bottom. PZI Jeans provide real women with real curves the ability to enjoy their lifestyle by wearing stylish jeans with comfort.